24th AESOP Annual Conference • 7–10 July 2010 • Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Finland

    Dear Participants!

    The 24th AESOP Annual Conference has successfully been concluded. Many thanks to all of you, for chairing, discussing, presenting, and last but not least - for having 'been present', referring to our discussion during the closing session. The next event is ahead, as you can see from the picture. Following the traditional ceremony of the flag, Peter Ache, conference chair of space is luxury, handed over the AESOP flag to Paul Maginn, next year's conference organiser.
    See you in Perth 2011 for the WPSC.

    Mervi Ilmonen & Peter Ache
    Local Organising Committee

    From left to right: Wim Salet, AESOP Vice President; Paul Maginn, Chair WPSC 2011; Peter Ache, Chair 24th AESOP Annual Conference; Anna Geppert, AESOP Secretary General; [hidden: Andrea Frank, GPEAN]; Pantelis Skayannis, AESOP Conferences; Izabela Mironowicz, Vice-Secretary-General
    During the AESOP 2010 conference, WPSC 2011 organized a ruffle. The result of the price draw went to the homeless organization VVARY (see picture, in the centre: Sanna Lehtonen, Executive Dir, VvaRy).